Okay so I woke up to the call that my little cousin AJ was born. First off who would’ve thought my aunt would have a kid , she practically doesn’t give guys the time of day to chat but I guess AJ’s dad was different. Also my sister finding out she can’t go see him because shes underage wow thanks for the crying headache all fucking day and then me comforting her tell her “Its going to be okay ” lmfao as if. Little bro will be home soon and then she can kiss him and all that other good stuff but any way , I wonder if I’ll have kids maybe well I want to. at least 3 kids , hell hopefully I even live to have kids but if it was meant for me to have kids I will. There’s just something about them that get my attention.  Being responsible for some one elses life is life changing and it makes you more aware but idk im not a father yet or a mother? Haha


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