Yo. So right now I’m somewhere between happy and depressed somewhere between joyful and stressed. Sexually , Mentally , and physically too? Idk… Despite the fact I have a beautiful girlfriend who tells me I’m cute all the time I actually don’t feel that all the time, mainly because of my weight I be feeling like to skinny n shit like a Nigga ain’t good enough but I guess she likes it so whatever. I know I could probably be in good shape but I’m too lazy haha maybe when school starts back I’ll get in the gym or when college starts. A big part of the problem is me smoking so much weed , but I can’t explain how it makes me feel. When I over think while I. High my body reacts and goes into this weird state were my heart starts beating fast and I get kind of scared but after a while I just let go I just see there and let my problems go all that stress all that pain and I guess were calling it depression goes away. Then I’ll turn some music on and chill hell I’m always vibing by myself since I have no friends like that haha all my old ones either call me weird or “bro you act white now” and shit ian got time to even argue any more . especially with old friends actually I don’t even do drama but it can find its way to you. Shit let me stop getting off topic , I’m just at a state of Mind were im letting life go like a wave I’m letting everything gall in place and I’m just gone chill. But a big help would be sex , to bad I gotta wait a month shi crazy lol. But I’m gonna try and have a successful junior year , work , relationship, and myself. As long I keep positive vibrations and flowing energy’s around me the universe will guide me. Love (60evo)


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