Okay So stuff things like this have been highkey eating me up. Fitting in but what does it really mean ? Having cool friends? Well I’m here to tell you about my experience with it and how it really makes you feel. First bro fitting in is just making yourself act or look like something your not just to have friends or be around certain people. I’ve done it yep that’s right. I’ve made myself look like something I’m not but the truth is it makes you feel like shit in the end of the day , it just makes you feel like an follower waiting for a new trend. You gotta be yourself and love who you are homie , even if it means being weird the perks of fitting in are that you get the whole cool package the attention being noticed and most of all feeling cool. But at the end of the day fuck that shit. There’s only so much faking and being an phony you can be, listen to what you want , wear what you want take your own advice and stop waiting on others to do stuff so you can do it and be like them fuck that, if you do do that then do it because it makes you happy and you enjoy doing it and if you get called a follower who cares you know what you are and just continue doing you. Because honestly the people you call your friends 9 times out of 10 aren’t js. (60EVO)


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