Its kinda hard to believe but I think my girlfriend is in love with another dude or obssessed and she doesn’t even know it lol. But ian tripping. I’m doing me , I can’t wait till school starts back for real. I’m getting that license and a job!! I can’t stress that enough. Life is so weird one day you could be in a weird place and then in such an good place. I think I’m at that point in my life were I’m letting that chill button take place haha , ian tripping on nothing I’m chilling live yo life boo. The crazy part is were still together I’m just talking single why because that’s how I feel. But ian tripping , its okay I’m cool. (60evo)



Yo. So right now I’m somewhere between happy and depressed somewhere between joyful and stressed. Sexually , Mentally , and physically too? Idk… Despite the fact I have a beautiful girlfriend who tells me I’m cute all the time I actually don’t feel that all the time, mainly because of my weight I be feeling like to skinny n shit like a Nigga ain’t good enough but I guess she likes it so whatever. I know I could probably be in good shape but I’m too lazy haha maybe when school starts back I’ll get in the gym or when college starts. A big part of the problem is me smoking so much weed , but I can’t explain how it makes me feel. When I over think while I. High my body reacts and goes into this weird state were my heart starts beating fast and I get kind of scared but after a while I just let go I just see there and let my problems go all that stress all that pain and I guess were calling it depression goes away. Then I’ll turn some music on and chill hell I’m always vibing by myself since I have no friends like that haha all my old ones either call me weird or “bro you act white now” and shit ian got time to even argue any more . especially with old friends actually I don’t even do drama but it can find its way to you. Shit let me stop getting off topic , I’m just at a state of Mind were im letting life go like a wave I’m letting everything gall in place and I’m just gone chill. But a big help would be sex , to bad I gotta wait a month shi crazy lol. But I’m gonna try and have a successful junior year , work , relationship, and myself. As long I keep positive vibrations and flowing energy’s around me the universe will guide me. Love (60evo)


Okay so I woke up to the call that my little cousin AJ was born. First off who would’ve thought my aunt would have a kid , she practically doesn’t give guys the time of day to chat but I guess AJ’s dad was different. Also my sister finding out she can’t go see him because shes underage wow thanks for the crying headache all fucking day and then me comforting her tell her “Its going to be okay ” lmfao as if. Little bro will be home soon and then she can kiss him and all that other good stuff but any way , I wonder if I’ll have kids maybe well I want to. at least 3 kids , hell hopefully I even live to have kids but if it was meant for me to have kids I will. There’s just something about them that get my attention. ¬†Being responsible for some one elses life is life changing and it makes you more aware but idk im not a father yet or a mother? Haha


Okay So stuff things like this have been highkey eating me up. Fitting in but what does it really mean ? Having cool friends? Well I’m here to tell you about my experience with it and how it really makes you feel. First bro fitting in is just making yourself act or look like something your not just to have friends or be around certain people. I’ve done it yep that’s right. I’ve made myself look like something I’m not but the truth is it makes you feel like shit in the end of the day , it just makes you feel like an follower waiting for a new trend. You gotta be yourself and love who you are homie , even if it means being weird the perks of fitting in are that you get the whole cool package the attention being noticed and most of all feeling cool. But at the end of the day fuck that shit. There’s only so much faking and being an phony you can be, listen to what you want , wear what you want take your own advice and stop waiting on others to do stuff so you can do it and be like them fuck that, if you do do that then do it because it makes you happy and you enjoy doing it and if you get called a follower who cares you know what you are and just continue doing you. Because honestly the people you call your friends 9 times out of 10 aren’t js.¬†(60EVO)


So today i was with my girlfriend. She’s making Me very proud of the things she’s doing in her life, trips to Ukraine fuck I wish I could do that shit and not only is she going to Ukraine the little fucker is going to NYC(Jealous) how do you do it. Shit a nigga still getting his life together and not only that its me mentally I need to get together. I wanna be able to tell my girl that I’m doing shit too yo, I wanna be able to tell her I’m going to fucking ……. Paris or something but being in the the place with trash bags and crack heads its hard. I’ll make it though I’ll leave this loathsome pig stock of an place we call MKE.